Butler Color Press is the premier supplier for National Retailers of printed Inserts, In-store Signage and Direct Mail. A large privately held printer specializing in Regional and National retail advertising products. Please click on the tabs below to learn more about our three divisions:

Butler Color Press Specializes in the printing of FSI’s (free-standing inserts). We have three main products.  Tabloids, Broadhseets(Standards) and Flexi’s. This section has pdf’s for download of the most common sizes.  Browse our gallery to see some of our products!


The Tab can vary in size from 10-1/2” wide up to 12.5” tall.  This product reads more like a magazine than a newspaper. The Tab is the most commonly produces advertising product of the web printer and is very economical. You will see the Tab used in many general merchandise pieces and magazines.


The broadsheet is the largest product that we produce. It is normally 21” tall and the page width can vary from 9” to 12.5”. It opens and reads like a newspaper. The broadsheet can have gates on either side. It can be produced with two gates for a total inside width of 46” and for the utmost in advertising impact. Even with the large size of the Broadsheet it can be quarter-folded for insertion or mailing.


The Flexi is smaller glued piece that ranges in trimmed sizes from 8” tall by 9-3/4” wide to 10-1/2” tall by 9-3/4” wide. The Flexi works great for coupon books or any product that the consumer can easily fit in a handbag or pocket.


Can be produced either Heat-set or Cold-web. Short to medium run length cold web with a page size of 10.5” wide x 12.5” tall. Page capacity from 32 to 96 pages with 64 pages all 4 color. Weekly and dailies with quick to market access on short turnaround schedules. Stitch, trim and quarter-fold capabilities. Heat-set up to 40 page capacity, 4 color on all.

Our Sign division is ready to take on any challenge.  Whether it is indoor or outside signage, BCP has your back. We are fully equipped to handle hard signage like coroplast, pvc, wood, glass as well as printing on paper, vinyl, board.  From digitally printed 7″x11″ toppers to 100 foot window displays- you can “Color It – Done” with Butler Color Press!

PVC, Board, Hard Substrate Printing

Butler Color Press can print onto any kind of substrate up to 5 feet x 10 feet in size! Our presses are perfect for printing on PVC, Paper board, Wood, Glass, Coroplast…. You get the picture! Almost unlimited substrates, bringing to life anything you can imagine.


Vinyl, & Paper Banners

With multiple roll sized plotters we can image any kind of banner, any kind of quantity in days sometimes in hours depending on the amount.



With diecutting in our backyard we are able to “click out” just about anything you could dream up. Check out our aisle violators and the circle dangles for fun.


Outdoor and Planogramming

We have been known to photograph stores and put together window planograms to make it easier for the retailer to plan their outdoor advertising campaign!  Whatever it takes to free up your resources- we take care of it! Just recently we rebranded a small store chains indoor and outdoor signage. See the Case Study below.


Our Direct Mail and Digital Printing Division can handle just about anything you want to do.  With the power of our offset print divisions we have the ability to maximize your spend by printing static pieces of a campaign in mass quantity and then utilizing our digital solutions merge to a highly effective piece for an audience of one! From 1,000 pieces to millions of pieces…. we can COLOR IT DONE!